ENEL-ATM has many years of experience in dealing with the issue of explosion protection in areas endangered by explosive atmospheres.The company is authorized by the Ministry of the Interior of the Explosive Atmosphere Sector to install, maintain and repair Ex-equipment in areas endangered by explosive atmospheres which is a vital component in the safety system against the ignition of explosive atmospheres and explosions. We can consider this equivalent to space classification and device certification. Proper determination of the endangered area and classification of zones (hazards), good design of electrical energy installation and instrumentation and proper selection of devices, with properly performed assembly and installation, ensures an adequate level of explosion safety.

Ministry of the Interior of the Sector for Explosive Atmospheres, which includes technical supervision of the classification of space, electric power devices, electric instrumentation devices, electrical energy installations, electrical instrumentation installations and non-electrical devices and installations, both during commissioning and usage, the occurrence of ignition causes is reduced to a minimum.