Quality, environmental, health and safety at work policy

  • The most important values that ENEL-ATM d.o.o. measures and determines the overall success in its activities in the field of design, engineering and automation of industrial plants and buildings, or energy, electronics, automation and assembly are focused on the needs of business partners and their job satisfaction, reliability and completeness of service.
  • We provide our partners with quality and affordable projects and services, this building mutual trust and partnership for the future. With solutions, we help partners achieve increased operational efficiency and reliability while reducing energy consumption and negative environmental impact.
  • Our core commitment and primary goal is the satisfaction of customers, employees, owners, suppliers and the community. The basis of our business are educated and motivated employees, monitoring and application of new technologies, continuous improvement of the business management system with the safety of all employees, environmental protection and economical resource management.
  • We have implemented and maintain a quality management system according to the requirements of ISO 9001, an environmental management system according to ISO 14001 and an occupational health and safety system according to ISO 45001.
  • We make sure that the impact of our activities has a minimal and controlled impact on the environment and nature by applying modern methods during the design process.
  • Quality and preventive action to prevent the occurrence of adverse events that could adversely affect the environment is implemented in all business segments, at all stages of the process. All activities are planned, managed and monitored and we are constantly improving them. We implement them in compliance with the principles of sustainable development and comply with laws and regulations in the field of environmental protection. We communicate with business partners and the local community about environmental impacts.
  • We systematically educate employees with the aim of improving the quality of work and developing environmental awareness. Achieving the set goals is the obligation of all employees.
  • We constantly take care of the protection of the health and safety of all our workers and subcontractors by preventing accidents and injuries at work.
  • We motivate and constantly take care of the education of workers in order to improve the quality of service and reduce accidents at work (we motivate workers to learn, teamwork, exchange knowledge and experience, and develop creativity and innovation).
  • We create an environment within the company in which health and safety risks are acceptable and controlled to prevent occupational diseases and injuries.
  • We develop expertise and educate employees to perform work in a healthy and safe way.
  • The policy of quality, environment, health and safety at work is a fundamental part of the Integrated Rules of Procedure of the management system, and its settings are incorporated into all other documents of ENEL-ATM d.o.o..


Data protection – the process that secures data from transmission corruption  and controls access to data on a computer. In this way, data protection ensures privacy.

It is used to protect both private and official company data. Data protection is used in the transfer of sensitive content (personal documents, bank , documents of special contracts, business data and other important data for the company’s business …). In order for the data to reach its destination intact and in the same form in which it was sent, we protect the data from damage in transmission and unauthorized intrusions or diversions during transmission. The protection is also needed for data stored on our computer from unauthorized intrusions with the same or other computers and from virus attacks, which we have provided by regular checks and installations of current virus protection programs.

Zagreb, 10.05.2020.

ENEL-ATM Management